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Festivals in Abruzzo – Part 1

Hi,  here is quick rundown of some of the festivals in Abruzzo.   I’ll do more festivals for June onwards in later posts.  Please notes any dates/venues given are as accurate as possible but it is always better to check with the local tourist office to avoid disappointment. Festivals in Abruzzo JANUARY Feast of St…
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Abruzzo: A Quick Guide

Abruzzo: A Quick Guide Part 1: Abruzzo is one of the twenty regions of Italy and is located centrally, approximately 70 miles to the east of Rome. Its eastern border is curtailed by the Adriatic Sea, and if Italy is ‘boot-shaped’, then Abruzzo is located near the back of the ’knee’. The historic city of…
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Even More Posts About Italy

Here’s a list of more articles about Italy which you may find useful, just click on the link to go to the article: How To Be More Like a Local When You Are in Italy A Concise History of the Italian Region of Abruzzo How To Plan a European Road Trip The Maremma or Abruzzese…
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The Four Regions of Abruzzo

The Regions of Abruzzo Abruzzo is one of the most interesting and diverse parts of Italy. Its territory ranges from beautiful coastlines to charming plateaus and icy mountain tops, and the local culture is almost as diverse as the territory itself. There are four main regions of Abruzzo (or “provincie”, provinces): L’Aquila, Teramo, Pescara and…
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The Trabocchi Coast in Abruzzo

By Simone Rossi Although the region’s western border is a mere two-hour drive from Rome the population density is among the lowest in the country, and most of Abruzzo’s residents, including a growing foreign population, live along the urbanized coastal strip. Focusing on Abruzzo’s Adriatic coastline, which lies between the regions of Marche and Molise,…
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Hello from Abruzzo in Italy!

Welcome to Abruzzo in Italy – the one-stop place for all things Abruzzese.  If you have visited Abruzzo in Italy before, welcome back – hope you like the new format, if you are new to Abruzzo in Italy – benvenuto!  Here you will find useful info for anyone wishing to visit this beautiful region of Italy or, indeed, anyone…
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