Hello from Abruzzo in Italy!

...All About Abruzzo!

Hello from Abruzzo in Italy!

Welcome to Abruzzo in Italy – the one-stop place for all things Abruzzese.  If you have visited Abruzzo in Italy before, welcome back – hope you like the new format, if you are new to Abruzzo in Italy – benvenuto!  Here you will find useful info for anyone wishing to visit this beautiful region of Italy or, indeed, anyone considering buying property in Abruzzo.  So bookmark this website, as we will be updating it regularly.


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  1. john says:

    how can i visit for one day from Rome. tour?? taxi?? rent a car?? please advise thanks john

    • acko says:

      Hi John

      Depending on where you want to go in Abruzzo. I would opt for car hire if you are only going for one day, as public transport by either bus or train can be intermittent from Rome – a car will give you more freedom to please yourself in Abruzzo. Depending where you start from you could be into Abruzzo within the hour from Rome. Hope this helps.

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