Festivals in Abruzzo – Part 1

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Festivals in Abruzzo – Part 1

Hi,  here is quick rundown of some of the festivals in Abruzzo.   I’ll do more festivals for June onwards in later posts.  Please notes any dates/venues given are as accurate as possible but it is always better to check with the local tourist office to avoid disappointment.

Festivals in Abruzzo


Feast of St Anthony

This annual festival concludes with bonfires and fireworks on  16th January in the village of Fara Filorum Petri.  It celibrates the legend of how St Anthony turned an oak wood into defending troops and saving the village from the invading French army in 1799. Chieti province.


Easter is celebrated in many of the towns and villages of the Abruzzo region, here are a few of them

Procession of the Dead Christ

This takes place on Good Friday and starts at the cathedral of San Giustino in the town of Chieti.  As befitting this is a solemn event with musicians and lanterns winding their way through the streets of Chieti.   Be sure to arrive early arrive early, as there are thousands of people who are drawn to this event.  Chieti province.Easter in Chieti

I Talami

A procession and performance of biblical scenes that takes place in the village of Orsogna over the Easter period. Chieti province.

The Running Madonna

Sulmona religious festival celebrating the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. The festival reaches its climax with statue of the Madonna ‘running’ to meet the newly risen Christ on Easter Sunday. L’Aquila province.


Snake festival

Taking place in Cocullo this festival takes place every year, usually on the first Thursday in May. The highlight of the festival is when a statue of the town’s patron saint, San Dominico, is paraded through the village draped with snakes. L’Aquila province.

Daffodil Festival

This pagan inspired spring festival that takes place in Rocca di Mezzo on the last Sunday in May. L’Aquila province.

Festival of the Madonna della Libera

This festival takes place in Pratola Peligna in early May. It includes ten days of celebration, entertainment, music and food! Concludes with a spectacular firework display on the last Saturday of the festival. L’Aquila province

You can search here if you are planning on coming to Abruzzo for any of the festivals.

For information about festivals taking place in the first half of the year click here.

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