An Introduction to Abruzzo

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An Introduction to Abruzzo

Introduction to AbruzzoThis article serves as an introduction to Abruzzo, detailing the main features of the region.

Not too far away from the Italian capital city, Rome, the region of Abruzzo is one of Southern Italy’s main geographical regions. With a relatively modest population, Abruzzo is divided in four regional provinces and has a rich culture profoundly influenced by other surrounding states, including Marche, Lazio, and Molise.

Facing the Adriatic Sea, Abruzzo boasts a beautiful coastline dotted with cool, Italian-style beach resorts. The region’s unique geographical location within Italy allows for a remarkably diverse environment.

Landscape and Wildlife

Here, you will not only find stunning shorelines, but also charming mountain landscapes, glaciers (Abruzzo is home to Europe’s southernmost glaciers) hills and countryside. In addition to this amazing blend of environmental features, Abruzzo is known as the greenest region in the whole of Europe. Over a third of its territory is in fact occupied by protected areas and national parks, turning the region into a true wildlife sanctuary, with massive importance on a European and global level. It has been reported that the region hosts a whopping 75% of Europe’s living species, and many of them are indigenous of this particular area, and only found in the region.


Abruzzo might be roughly located slightly below the central Italian belt, but its identity is strongly considered southern, and, like in many other southern regions, family identity is very strong…and great local cuisine is an absolute must-try!

Many influential people have expressed their awe and appreciation when facing the charming natural beauty of the region, but perhaps nobody managed to describe its unique soul better than notorious Italian journalist Primo Levi, who described the region as “Strong and Gentle”. These two apparently discordant adjectives fully represent the spirit of Abruzzo, a region where beautiful contrasts coexist and thrive in a spectacular way.

Getting to Abruzzo

Abruzzo is fairly easy to reach via the major public transport systems: main cities and towns in the region are comfortably reachable by train from main hubs such as Rome, Naples, Milan and many other cities around Italy, while the city of Pescara is home to Abruzzo International Airport, which is a great way to fly directly into the region. This is a fairly low-key airport, and the advantage is that it is served by low-cost carriers and airlines who offer direct flights from major European and global destinations, including Barcelona, London, Paris, Oslo, Prague and many more. Abruzzo International Airport is particularly easy to reach from London, UK, thanks to the strong ties with carrier RyanAir, offering very affordable flights to the region.



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