Go Wild in the National Park of Abruzzo

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Go Wild in the National Park of Abruzzo

The National Park of Abruzzo in Italy is a great spot for nature lovers, with a rich variety of creatures, plants and animals waiting to be discovered.  With over 400 square kilometres to explore, don’t forget your camera when setting out into the wilds of Abruzzo.   Here’s some of the wildlife that you may find along the way.

Mammals in the Area

There are various mammals in the park. The Mariscan brown bears are among the most often sighted animals, with Abruzzo chamois and wild boars second and third most likely. Get your camera ready because red squirrels and red deer also roam the park.

There is also a slim chance of seeing the Apennine wolf, depending on the time of year you visit.

Why not take a trip to the hillsides near old Church in Gioia Vecchio for a chance of spotting the bears, and around the Civitella Alfedena tree line for the chamois.   The bears are most likely spotted during late May in the early mornings, after waking from hibernation.

Birds of Abruzzo

There are plenty of birds in the local area, with the golden eagle, Alpine chough and rock partridge among some of the rarer sights.  Camosciara is one of the best places for the chough, and the Pesco di Lordo for the golden eagle.

There is also the chance of seeing the snow finch from Valle di Rose or Monte Meta and the rock bunting is often sighted from Valle di Rose and Camosciara. These two areas are also great for spotting the Alpine accentor.

The Plant Life around Abruzzo, Italy

You will find a variety of plants throughout the year when visiting the national park. The Marsican iris is one of the most common alpine flowers during the springtime.  If you’re visiting between August and September, you could see Rhammus Alpine berries along the Beech forests. Other plant life includes saxifrages, orchids and bellflowers.

You will never find it difficult to take photos of amazing flora and fauna when visiting the Abruzzo National Park. Whatever time of year you visit there are various types of wildlife and plant life around.




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