...All About Abruzzo!

Adventure in Abruzzo

Given the terrain of mountains and rivers that comprise Abruzzo it is no surprise to find plenty to do for the adrenaline junkies amongst us.   A new enterprise is ‘Abruzzo Rafting’, at, but rather than me telling you about it, why not pop over to their website and have a look for yourself?  

Getting to Abruzzo by air from the UK

The most useful airports for Abruzzo are Rome and Pescara (on the Adriatic coast), the only limitation with Pescara is that the airport is quite small and at the present time the only airline that has direct flights from the UK into it is Ryanair.  There are more options to fly into one the Rome…
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Hello from Abruzzo in Italy!

Welcome to Abruzzo in Italy – the one-stop place for all things Abruzzese.  If you have visited Abruzzo in Italy before, welcome back – hope you like the new format, if you are new to Abruzzo in Italy – benvenuto!  Here you will find useful info for anyone wishing to visit this beautiful region of Italy or, indeed, anyone…
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